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(10-29-2017, 11:05 PM)
Oxn's Avatar

Originally Posted by Vigilant Walrus

Okay, I'll check them out. Thanks guys.

So, crew neck or v-neck?

Is it correct to say that V-Neck looks best on people who are muscular or is this just a perception I have? I get the sense that bodybuilders often wear tight fitted v-necks (often too tight in my mind).

Definitely crew.
Jason's Ultimatum
Americans out of Mexico! The Border Tax Equity Act
(11-06-2017, 01:10 AM)
Jason's Ultimatum's Avatar
So banana republic stopped making their Kentfield linen pants. I loved them. I hate wearing jeans, so they were a nice alternative for something light, especially living in Florida.

Now my question is, what’s a decent brand with a variety of different colors/styles that sell linen pants? Ones that are button with zipper?

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