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(06-11-2014, 07:40 AM)
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Originally Posted by GavinGT

Has there been any official word on Halo 1 glitches being left intact? The reload glitch that easily gives you infinite rockets could ruin that game online.

That was never a very practical glitch in a real match of CE. Plus, CE gives all players the ability to compete against all power weapons right off the spawn. Even a player with "infinite" rockets for one life isn't insurmountable.

While it would be nice to have it fixed, it's not going to ruin online if they don't. I really hope if they do fix it they don't also remove backpack reload and double melee, as those were nice additions for the speed of the game. Quick Camo and Powerup doubling also need to be left alone.

I'd be more concerned about the rock geo-glitch on BG and escaping the maps. Those are things that duechebags online are going to use.