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(06-12-2014, 12:23 AM)
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Originally Posted by Ukumio

That's where I'm getting it from (or at least the Aussie version of Gamestop) as it allows me to just mess around.

I know people hate this skull from HCEA but personally I think the fact that it allows me to just go in and play with the feeling of being godlike while the enemies still pose a threat of some kind.

Exactly what I thought of when I saw that Gamestop had this specific preorder skull.

Originally Posted by PsychoRaven

I really hope these are temp things and not completely locked from everyone forever just because we didn't preorder with the right retailer.

I know the feeling, I get 20% off at Bestbuy but their preorder bonus is kill an enemy and it drops a plasma grenade... real downer.