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Originally Posted by ElyrionX

I don't get why people are excited for this. Haven't we all played enough goddamn Halo in the past two generations? An upgraded port of four oldass games shouldn't even be worth announcing at an E3 press conference and yet here we are.

You don't understand why people are excited for a 1080p 60fps remake of 2 multiplayer titles that changed the console LAN and Online scenes forever? Bundled with 4 great single players 2 of which have had huge overhauls.

Please tell me what I should be excited by.

Originally Posted by Hellish

Quick question, but from my understanding you will NOT be able to use Halo 2 mechanics on a map from a different halo game say The Pit for example? Each game will only be able to use its own maps?

Not currently. If they brought out DLC and remade a few maps from Halo3 and put them in the new Halo Xbox One engine then you could but as of right now nope