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Originally Posted by SillyNonsense

That's the whole point I'm sure, it's definitely not out of the kindness of Microsoft's heart like some people seem to think (though I don't doubt that the actual employees at 343 have their hearts in their work).

Why was it impossible previously to get Halo 1 Anniversary to have multiplayer, and now it's possible to have all four with multiplayer, plus a whole additional engine component for remade maps?
That's an awful lot of work when only a couple of years ago, a small sliver of that was out of the question for a variety of reasons.

It's largely because the Xbox One badly needed a home run, and with Halo 5 not coming out for another year, they needed a major system seller for the holidays. Everything is money.

But that's no surprise (that's the whole world) and either way, it works out well for Halo fans, this really is a wonderful collection. However, it's a bit disheartening that one of XB1's biggest system sellers this holiday will be old games everyone already owns.

What does that really say? About the state of the XB1, or the industry, or the future of games in general?

Overthinking things?

Dedicated servers is why.