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Originally Posted by antigoon

My pipe dream for a well populated multiplayer (that obviously won't happen since they've announced otherwise and it would make a ton of people mad) is simply Halo CE and Halo 2, with 3's maps ported over to 2's engine.

The core multiplayer gameplay of Halo 3 and Halo 2 are extremely similar except that Halo 3 is just slightly worse in a lot of ways. I have no real desire to go back to 3's multiplayer when 2 is sitting there, except for some of the good maps.

pretty much this

I've always said that Halo 2 needed to be the CS of console gaming--a multiplayer that was so perfect that it should simply live on in some kind of free to play form, occasionally adding new maps and getting visual touchups forever. It's that good.

H3 was an exercise in frustration for me...alienating in such subtle ways. It LOOKS the same. It has the same core principles. But it was fucking wrong somehow, and I never got over it. A lot of people think the downfall of Halo started with Reach but I think 3 was where it started to leak mindshare.