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Originally Posted by Random17

Frankie stated during one of the interviews that the versions of the games are post patch... basically the games as they were at the end of their life cycle.

This probably means no easy swordflying in Halo 2 A, which is disappointing.

IMO the campaign should have all the non-game breaking glitches*. That was half the reason I kept playing Halo 2's campaign years after release, something which did not occur with the recent iterations Halo:Reach and Halo 4; they were too polished :/

Glitches in the campaign are half the fun. We're still finding new ones in Halo 2.

* e.g. Regret not dying glitch.

I wonder if the front half rising function for Ghosts/Spectres still exists...

Sword flying was never patched out of the campaign. Bungie specifically left it in because the community had so much fun with it.

Originally Posted by Zoba

I think it's very telling when 3 old games are topping pre-orders. One of the more common arguments against Halo going back to that gameplay is that the Arena shooter wasn't popular anymore.

Current pre-order numbers are essentially meaningless. It's 4 games for the price of 1 and the biggest announcement coming out E3 for a game releasing this year. Of course it's getting pre-ordered a lot right now. And just because some one buys this does not mean they'd buy a new game with classic arena gameplay. That newer game wouldn't benefit from the huge amounts of nostalgia and fond memories that this collection can.