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Originally Posted by Obscured

There won't be join in progress but to keep things even if someone quits it nukes the best player off the other team and the guy that quits has to start the next match with only fists off of spawn, his rank is also reset to -50 and has to work his way back up to 1 to start over.

Whatever it takes to prevent habitual quitting. afk'ing, and purposeful DC'ing, I fully support it. I'd rather stick out bad games with bad players on a semi-regular basis over dealing with quitters and poor losers every single match. Matchmaking becomes a cesspool the moment that happens. One person quits and it's a license/excuse for everyone.

I'd also like player's stats to show for games they left prematurely and for those stats to still count against them. In fact, if there is a way to ensure that quitters retain stats and losses for quit games, that would be helpful.

Really, short term bans aren't a bad idea either. 5 to 10 minute ban for every quit match. People who legitimately need to quit out of a game probably won't be back in 5 to 10 minutes anyway, and can accept the delay for ditching their team, regardless of how important the excuse. Do it every single time. 1 quit - 5 minute ban that increases by 5 minute increments for every successive quit. Quitting is not going to be fun if you have to wait longer and longer for each new ban to wear off.