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(06-11-2014, 02:12 PM)
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Originally Posted by bananafactory

I love everything about this package. Fantastic value, great games, I'll be buying it day 1. But I saw some gameplay yesterday on IGN (Halo 2 Anniversary), and to be honest I was....kind of disappointed visually.

I played Halo CE: Anniversary on my 360 and it was good, but the framerate killed some of my enjoyment. Since this is the Xbox One, I pretty much figured these anniversary editions (1 and 2) would look flawless, but the streams I saw yesterday seemed to show terrible aliasing, I was expecting a much better IQ.

Anyone else, or am I crazy?

I think people need to keep in mind that these games are still running in their original engines, virtually unchanged except for the fact that the universal UI is linked in, as well as tweaking them to work with XB1's hardware.

The overlay/reskin that CE:A got and that H2:A will be getting has to run 'on top' of the underlying game/engine. I'm not a dev and know approximately zero about coding, but I have to imagine that's a pretty tricky task to accomplish.

Besides, the occassional hiccup here or there or some aliasing seems nitpicky at best when considering the preponderance of value being packed into this thing.