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(06-11-2014, 07:29 PM)
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Originally Posted by ElyrionX

I played the shit out of them, especially 3, so I'd like to think I do "understand". I just don't see it though. Framerate was rarely a problem for the Halo series and while the visuals have usually not been mindblowing, they were serviceable. Online infrastructure have always been pretty good AFAIK.

Sure, Halo (along with CoD) have effectively the best mechanics in the shooter genre but this really doesn't bring anything much to the table except for compiling four old games and making them conveniently accessible on a new console. Why are people so easily excited?

I have basically stopped playing Multiplayer because basically the new Halos have sucked. This is bringing back the King. the GOAT. Halo 1 Pistol on Hang em High. Halo 2 MP with the best maps ever. Its like being fed steak for years and then getting spam for year. The steak is on the menu again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Do I really need to go on? If you are not hyped to have an actual game worth playing online again, then you have a different outlook. You might just not belong to the in depth community that is Halo. /shrug. It shouldn't have to be explained.