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Twilight Gap
(06-11-2014, 05:37 PM)

Originally Posted by Sub-Zero at a Starbucks

READ THE OP SHEEPLE Forge is included "natively" according to game - Halo 3 has Halo 3 Forge, Halo 4 has Halo 4 Forge, H1 and H2 don't have forging options but the Halo 2 Anniversary maps have some kind of Halo 4.5 Forge that hasn't been explained in detail yet.

Maybe I should use icons for the stuff that's a bit buried.

I'm really interested in the details behind the new Forge, although I'm not expecting something crazy because they're just old maps (as opposed to blank canvases). Of course, that doesn't rule out a Tempest-like treatment with pieces on top of a terrain map.