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Originally Posted by JackHerer

Frankie said that it is a work in progress. Those H2 screen shots are not final. I do hope they add some extra AA and AF. I don't expect them to update the textures but they might use the Vista ones. The assets used in the H2A campaign are running on a different engine and would not be usable on the old H2 engine which that portion of the multiplayer will run on. It's not just as simple as swapping the assets out with the new ones.

I guess they could try running the dual graphics engine for multiplayer as well but that has never been done. Not in Anniversary CE at least.

That's true. I was hoping for the dual-engine approach to multiplayer as well. Given their approach of just using the second engine for graphics rendering, I wouldn't think it would interfere with the networking. In terms of ensuring a level playing field, there could have been a custom game option flag to force one of the visual engines.

As for new assets and the old engine, they could've just made two separate .map files for each map - one with new assets baked in, and one with old. H2 Vista was flexible to new models and textures, and even Halo 2 on the Xbox played decently with injecting new models. And, as we all know, modified .map files had no problem networking with unmodified ones...

Anyway, I have kind of mixed feelings on the whole Collection. On one hand I am absolutely super excited about it, but on the other, I wish it had just been Halo 2 Anniversary alone so they could've directed all their focus to it and made a 100% full remake, online included. Plus it would've forced the whole player base back onto Halo 2, which is the multiplayer I'll be playing 90% of the time.