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Originally Posted by Nub

I shed a single tear reading this thread. God bless you op.

Im 22 and ive been playing Halo since 2 back in 05. Halo has literally consumed over 1/3 of my life, so this collection will be bought and played so hard.

I'm 22 and have been playing Halo since launch in 2001. Pokémon is the only other franchise that has had such a large impact on my life. I was planning on getting a new 360 and Halo 4 (I've been traveling for the past two years, so my 360 is across the ocean and I haven't played any game released since mid-2012), but I'll just be getting a One and waiting for November.

Pay day is tomorrow, gonna start looking at TVs... any recommendations for something in the 37-39" range?