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First off, I'm super excited for this and am buying an Xbox One exclusively for it. That said, I have a few concerns:

  • Why aren't the Halo 2 maps in Halo 2 mode getting any sort of graphical remaster? I mean, they have the assets for all the player models and weapons already since they'll be in campaign, would it have been that hard to make some high-res map textures? Hell, I'll do it if they'll use them. Leave the old geometry even.
  • Why am I seeing no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering in the classic mode Halo 2 screenshots? i.e. why does it look noticeably worse than it did running on my weak 2007 PC at 1080p60?
  • Similarly, why does it look like the textures are from the Xbox version and not the higher res assets seen in H2V?
  • The question in the first post to the devs about whether H1 online feels like LAN was totally dodged. has the game been optimized for online play and feel like it does playing it on LAN with low latency, or does it feel like playing H1 PC on a dedicated server (a mess of mangled netcode).
  • Same as above, except for Halo 2. How's it play online with the servers? Does it feel like nobody's host and everyone's BR and shotgun has limited efficacy, or does it feel like LAN where it felt like everyone was host and you had to adjust your strategy accordingly?
  • What's with the whole "system link is tricky" nonsense? LAN play is a key feature of Halo, especially since MLG wants to put it back in the rotation. What's so tricky about guaranteed low latency?

Frankie said that it is a work in progress. Those H2 screen shots are not final. I do hope they add some extra AA and AF. I don't expect them to update the textures but they might use the Vista ones. The assets used in the H2A campaign are running on a different engine and would not be usable on the old H2 engine which that portion of the multiplayer will run on. It's not just as simple as swapping the assets out with the new ones.

I guess they could try running the dual graphics engine for multiplayer as well but that has never been done. Not in Anniversary CE at least. Personally I'm happy enough playing on the old maps in 1080p with hopefully a slight boost in IQ plus the 6 remastered maps running on the new engine. The package has insane value already so asking for more is a bit nitpicky.

I too am curious about how the older games will run on dedicated servers. Especially CE. I'm not sure we will know exactly how it feels until the game actually comes out though.