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Originally Posted by Falagard

I agree 100%. Dedicated servers for multiplayer is the biggest feature / announcement of the package.

It's also quite a technical achievement - it means they ported each of the 4 multiplayer engines to run in the cloud.

From a player perspective, it should mean no more black/blue screens of host migration, no host advantage meaning a level playing field, and less problems with lag. It means that big team battles will be buttery smooth.

From a technical perspective, they have at least ported the multiplayer engines to run in a virtualized environment on dedicated servers. This means all the physics and gameplay are running on the server you're connected to.

We have no word if campaign co-op also runs on dedicated servers. That would be an entirely different kettle of fish, co-op runs completely different than multiplayer. Co-op is lock-step, meaning each player's Xbox needs to be completely synchronized with the host as the game progresses, whereas multiplayer is asynchronous, meaning the game continues even if players are slightly out of sync. Co-op running on a dedicated server may only solve peer to peer communication problems (by relaying messages through a server), but might not solve laggy games if one of the players has a slow connection.

Anyhow, very cool. Dedicated servers = big news.

It even potentially means great news for other games. I wouldn't be surprised if Gears of War saw a remake compilation of 1 2 and 3, and if Gears had dedicated servers...mmmmmmm.

halo 3 with a buttery smooth online experience will be incredible