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Originally Posted by Zoe

That's kinda odd considering they were saying that talks of the remakes started with talking with the cast during Dissidia.

Nah, that's not what the interview says at all. Hideki Imaizumi says that when recording the voice sessions for FF Type-0, he and Nomura worked with some of the FFX cast again for the first time in 10 years. That got them talking again about FFX and they had good memories about it. That inspired Nomura to go around negotiating with various people in the company over the next few days, and finally they got the greenlight to do it. But at that time they were still tied up with FFXIII, so actual development couldn't start immediately.

It was just between Nomura and Imaizumi initially. Working with the voice cast on Type-0 was just the trigger to get the two of them talking. The actual voice cast has no part in this project.